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Archived Polls
1 How much of your own money do you spend a year on school supplies?
2 Where do you purchase most of the materials for your classroom?
3 How long have you been teaching?
4 On a scale of 1 to 5, how satisfied are you with your teaching career?
5 Is bullying a problem at your school?
6 Increased testing has improved education at my school.
7 Should there be a national currriculum?
8 Computers are used in my school...
9 When should computers start to be used extensively in school?
10 I like to teach from...
11 How do you feel about parent involvement?
12 What do you think about general art education in elementary grades?
13 Should health education be eliminated in elementary school?
14 What word best describes your school?
15 Have you ever purchased an eBook (electronic book)?
16 What is happening in your school relative to teacher turnover?
17 Of the new teachers in your school, where are most coming from?
18 Should contraceptives be available in high schools?
19 Does school choice improve the overall quality of education?
20 Should student gender influence the type of math instruction?
21 Does age determine what type early math instruction is appropriate?
22 Should bilingual education be curtailed to one year per student?
23 Are we now placing too much emphasis on phonics for the general student population?
24 Do you agree with the education policies of the current administration in Washington?
25 How do you feel about vending machines in school?
26 Has the Internet caused an increase in the number of cases of plagiarism in your school?
27 Parental pressure influences the amount of homework that I assign.
28 Teaching kids about exercise and nutrition in schools should be the primary responsibility of?
29 What should we do in our schools about child obesity?
30 What should we do about teaching handwriting?
32 How would you improve teacher morale? You can only pick one!
33 Do you think the Harry Potter books are a positive influence on young readers?
34 Has No Child Left Behind influenced how you teach?
35 Should 'Intelligent Design' be a part of the curriculum?"
36 Schools are becoming less racially mixed. Do you believe in increasing integration?
38 What do you think about Interactive White Boards in the classroom?
37 Do your students know enough about the Iraq situation?
39 Do you think we should teach spelling in school?
40 How much time do you spend each week using the Internet to support your teaching?
41 Do you use printed posters in your classroom?
42 How do you feel about mandated grade-level tests?
43 How do you feel about homeschooling?
44 What do you think of Sudoku as a teaching tool?
45 How often should manipulatives be used in middle or junior high school?
46 Do you believe there is a student 'Writing Crisis' today?
47 Do you believe illegal immigrants are entitled to free public education?
48 Do you think summer vacation should be eliminated to lengthen the school year?
52 Which tool would you most like to see used in your classroom in the next few years?
53 Do you think states should restrict the growth of Charter Schools?
56 Should after school programs focus more on academics than recreation?
57 Should all schools in the state be required to spend the same per student?
58 Have bullying prevention programs made a difference in your school?
59 "Scientifically Based Research" influences my buying decisions.
60 Should schools play a role in the monitoring and reporting of student mental health?
61 The presentation technology I use most in my classroom is:
62 As a classroom teacher how do you feel about parent involvement?
63 Does your school use a formative math assessment program?
65 How do you feel about giving performance pay to teachers based on student test scores?
66 Would you be willing to pay more for educational products that are made in the US?
67 How much of your own money will you spend on teaching supplies this year?
68 Which candidate will be better for teachers and children?
69 How will the economy influence your spending on supplemental materials in the coming months?
70 With the new administration, will the importance of high stakes tests diminish?
71 Do you think the stimulus package will have a significant impact on your school district?

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