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Kathy Richardson

Understanding Numbers

Math Stations for Grades 3—5

This series provides students with the meaningful practice necessary to develop an understanding of the underlying structure of numbers, number relationships, and operations. The mathematical concepts presented in the stations are foundational to developing computational fluency and to understanding the mathematics students will encounter in the later years.

Each book consists of eight stations that present a variety of activities focused on one major concept. The tasks are designed to meet a range of needs, allowing all students to work at their own level. These stations should be experienced over and over again until students have developed proficiency in the tasks. Most students will benefit from working with the appropriate set of stations for several weeks.

Each book includes complete instructions for implementing the activities, including differentiation ideas. Bundled with the book are the Activity Cards needed for each activity, printed on colored stock and suitable for repeated classroom use.

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Item No: 2-192
Price: $36.00
Grades: 3-5

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The eight stations in this set give students experiences that help them deepen their understanding of the structure and relative value of decimal numbers. The focus is on wholes, tenths, and hundredths with some extensions to thousandths. Through ongoing work at the stations, students will learn to recognize the structure of numbers as hundredths, tenths, and wholes, and will learn to combine and compare decimal fractions.

Item No: 2-193
Price: $36.00
Grades: 3-5

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Addition & Subtraction

The goal of the eight stations in this set is the development of computational fluency with multi-digit numbers. The tasks focus the students on using the underlying structure of numbers to combine, break apart, and compare numbers. They learn to combine quantities by reorganizing them into the largest groups possible and to subtract by breaking numbers apart and recombining what's left. They also learn to find the difference between numbers using a variety of strategies. Models are used to help them understand what is happening to the numbers and to progress to where they can do the operations without models. Each task requires them to explain their strategies using words, drawings, and/or symbols.

Item No: 2-191
Price: $36.00
Grades: 3-5

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Place Value

The eight tasks in this set give students a variety of experiences that help them think of numbers in terms of their underlying structure. The focus is on 100s, 10s, and 1s, with variations that focus on smaller numbers (10s and 1s) or larger numbers (1000s 100s 10s and 1s.) Each of the tasks requires the students to reorganize various groups of 100s, 10s, and 1s when combining and comparing quantities. Working with the numbers in this way focuses them on the structure of the numbers and helps them recognize the equivalent values inherent in the base-ten number system.


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