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Hands-On Math Goes Digital In and Beyond the Classroom!

Explore Our Collection of FREE Virtual Manipulatives

From Number Lines to Base Ten, Pattern Blocks to Place Value, Disks our collection of free Virtual Manipulatives gives educators and families access to visual and hands-on digital resources that lead to understanding. Students can use these resources in class and at home to practice math concepts, reinforce their growing math understanding, technology they love in the process.

Free Resources & Instructions for Teachers and Families

We’ve developed these resources for easy access and easy use:

How-To Videos

There’s a short video for each of the Virtual Manipulatives in our collection so teachers can use these digital materials easily and confidently with students.


Activities from the Didax books that teachers use most for easy download. Engaging challenges address core math operations, concepts and skills, from early numeracy all the way to introductory geometry and algebra.


Download this document of FAQ’s to answer your Virtual Manipulative questions.

Play Now!

Unifix Cubes

Ten-Frames, 1-20

Ten-Frames, 1-100

Number Lines

20-Bead Rekenrek

100-Bead Rekenrek

Fraction Tiles & Number Line

Two-Color Counters

120 Number Board

Color Tiles

Base Ten Blocks

Math Balance



Pattern Blocks

Place Value Disks


Prime Factor Tiles

Algebra Tiles